Long Exposure Seascapes With the 10 stop ND Filter

IMG_5610 done BW web

Finally got a chance to take a few shots with the B+W 10 stop ND filter, and it’s everything I hoped it would be. All of these shots were taken with the Canon 7d and 17-40mm f4 L lens. The above shot was taken in broad daylight where I was able to get a 30 second exposure at f22. Below are two shots taken later during the sunset the first is 56 seconds at f11 and the second is 240 seconds at f10.

Petrified Forest From the Archives

Petrified Forest 2005
Petrified Forest 2005

Continuing my trip through the archives re-processing photos now that I know how to actually use photoshop. I took this one while on a cross country trip with Dea way back in 2005 it’s hard to believe that was 8 years ago. Here we were driving through the Painted Desert National Park and there was a crazy weather front moving through the area which gave us some great light I have a few more I might re-process from this part of the trip.

IPhoneography-Essential Apps

Photo taken with the iPhone 5 and processed with Camera+
Photo taken with the iPhone 5 and processed with Camera+


As a photojournalist I am generally shooting with two DSLRs with some heavy lenses hanging off the front of them but more and more after work I find myself shooting with my iPhone. The convenience of just having it in my pocket and being able to share the photos instantly is so much more appealing than lugging all of the other heavy gear along. I have tried many, many  of the photography apps available for the phone but have more or less settled for the time being on three which are the ones I will talk about below.

A few sunset photos from a night at Hen’s Cove

Hen’s Cove. Purchase Photo

The other night we had one of those rare nights where the water looks like a mirror. I took the opportunity to shoot a few frames at Hen’s Cove in Bourne MA. I am also continuing my trials with HDR (high dynamic range) photography. The second two shots here are each made from 3 individual photos bracketed about a stop apart and merged in Photoshop CC. Let me know what you think.