Thank you for taking some time to check out my site. I have spent the last 15 years of my life working as a photo journalist while at the same time building everything from one page websites with cool parallax effects to custom full blown Content Management Systems. This blog is my way of documenting these adventures and sharing what I have learned.


Working as a photo journalist has given me an incredible education in photography, being forced to shoot in all kinds of conditions from near darkness shooting a candlelight vigil, to downpours and 60 mile an hour winds shooting hurricanes, to the Red Sox under the lights at Fenway and everything in between.  All of these adventures have contributed in developing my ability to think on my feet and translate what I see into photos that tell the story.

Web Development

When I started developing websites everything was a table and myspace wasn’t even a thing yet. Things have obviously changed over the last (to many) years. Now tables are used for what they are meant for, tabular data and PHP is now an Object Oriented Language. It is incredibly exciting to keep learning and staying up to date with all of these changes. Working as a web developer at a newspaper has also provided me with a unique insight into the changing landscape of advertising and marketing in the digital age.

Glass Jewelry

Prior to becoming a photo journalist I served a glass blowing apprenticeship at Pairpoint Crystal in Sagamore MA under David McDermott ( and later ran the glass studio at the Sandwich Glass Museum. Throughout this time I also taught myself how to lampwork glass, specifically making glass beads and other forms of wearable glass art. Well I am excited to say now that I am no longer at the Enterprise I have been focusing again on these creations. You can see some of this work at