Author: Don

  • Google Open DNS solves Comcast problem

    Tonight there is a wide spread Comcast internet outage all over the east Coast. This problem is being caused by a problem with Comcast’s DNS servers. A quick and easy way to fix this is to change the DNS servers your local computer is using from the default to Google Open DNS which is […]

  • The photo

    Working as a photographer for a newspaper, especially a weekly local news paper you often spend most of your time shooting grip and grins. You know the posed group photos of the womans club or the scholarship recipients. It is obvious that these photos are important for a local paper to give recognition to the people […]

  • Rethinking the Social Web

    Bridging the gap between our online and offline social network View more presentations from Paul Adams. Above is a slideshow prepared by Paul Adams a senior user experience researcher at Google  detailing the differences between the current social web and the actual real life social graph.

  • Flickr the archive

    I realize I am a bit late to the flickr party but recently I have been going through my personal photo archives and uploading all of the keepers to Flickr. This was prompted when I realized how badly I need to put a portfolio together. So one day while I was going through them I […]

  • Facebook Places initial thoughts

    Facebook has finally released Places, which is basically a rip off of all the other location based services out there right now. While reading about this new feature for the past couple of weeks I was excited to see how they would implement it and if they would have some type of partnership with one […]

  • So how good is the IPhone 4 video?

    Pretty damn good. If you are on the fence about the IPhone 4 let me add this to the reasons to get one.  I have a bunch of really great camera equipment but it is not always practical to carry all of this stuff, so for a long time I have thought about picking up a […]

  • IPhone 4 Camera Samples

    All I can say about the IPhone 4 camera is wow. Kudos to Apple for not trying to keep up with the megapixel race and instead focusing on image quality. Firstly mega pixels do not equal quality in fact more often than not the more megapixels you have the worse the images are going to […]

  • Googles Background image fail or not?

    Yesterday Google did away with their ultra clean home page to showcase their new “feature”, background images. Not surprisingly there was a major uproar from some of their users, myself being one of them. At the time I could not believe that they would betray me like that after all of the times I have stuck […]

  • 2009 Falmouth Fireworks

    Yesterday was the Fourth of July so we went to Falmouth Heights for the fireworks display. I needed to get a photo for the Tuesday Enterprise so I figured it would be a nice night out and a chance to get some cool shots. After looking at the photos I thought of putting up this […]