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GMail desktop notifications

This is something I have been waiting for, well since I started using Gmail. I have tried the chrome plugins for notification but non of them really accomplished what I was really looking for. As soon as I saw the GMail blog post about these notifications I turned them on and I don’t think I would want to live without them again.

Chrome Web Store First Impressions

The Chrome web store is now live and, at least in my opinion it is very cool. I keep reading about how this is no more than glorified bookmarks, and why is this necessary. These questions are coming from a lot of the tech journalists I read and look up to, I would really expect them to be a little more forward thinking than they are.

Googles Background image fail or not?

Yesterday Google did away with their ultra clean home page to showcase their new “feature”, background¬†images. Not surprisingly there was a major uproar from some of their users, myself being one of them. At the time I could not believe that they would betray me like that after all of the times I have stuck up for them. I realize this is totally irrational since they have no idea who I am but it still stung.