Tag: landscape

  • First Day With The DJI Phantom 4

    After going back and forth a million times finally decided to pull the trigger and pick up a drone. I don’t do a lot of video work so I bought it primarily for still photography. Reviews were mixed on the quality of still shots from this drone but after the first day I am really […]

  • Nantucket Sunrise

    Well those of you who know me know that sunrise is something I very rarely see. Last weekend while visiting a friend on Nantucket was one of these rare occurrences. She was going to be up anyway due to work so we had her wake us up just before sunrise so we could all go […]

  • Smooth Sound

    Here is another image taken using the 10 stop ND filter. This was taken around 5 in the afternoon from Nobska Beach in Falmouth.

  • Petrified Forest From the Archives

    Continuing my trip through the archives re-processing photos now that I know how to actually use photoshop. I took this one while on a cross country trip with Dea way back in 2005 it’s hard to believe that was 8 years ago. Here we were driving through the Painted Desert National Park and there was […]