Tag: Old Sigh Race Series

  • First Night Shooting Sailing With The Outex Waterproof Housing

    Here are a few of the photos from the first night with the Outex waterproof housing. I have been wanting to try to get shots like these for a long time and as I expected they are kind of hit or miss. For these shots I set myself up on the swim platform of the […]

  • Avatar Start

    AVATAR a J 160 crosses the starting line during the weekly Old Sigh Race series race.

  • Old Sigh Race Series 7/3/2013 THE FOG

    This week’s Old Sigh race brought out only 3 boats thanks in part to the dense fog that covered Buzzards Bay. The photo above is Hardtack¬†moments after appearing from the fog about 50 yards from the finish. Photos available for sale here. ¬†More photos after the jump…