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The switch from GD to imageMagick

example of the difference between GD and imageMagick

example of the difference between GD and imageMagick

Recently I launched a new photo site called cape.photography. For years I have been using the GD library in PHP for image manipulation basically just re-sizing images.  This has never seemed to be an issue I think because I was always uploading the actual size I needed then making the thumbnails on the server so in a small thumbnail it looked fine. With this new application everything is being re-sized multiple times for different views. This is where we noticed the problem nice sharp saturated photos were coming out the other end as washed out versions. Obviously this is totally unacceptable on an photo specific site. So began the hunt.

Quick and Dirty Instagram API implementation

Last Friday I spent the morning looking into the Instagram API thinking it would be cool to have our members be able to share their photos on the site via instagram. So this is a quick and dirty implementation but it works. There are a couple of things to keep in mind though. Instagram has a limit on the number of calls you can make to the API per hour which is set at 5000 so if you have a really busy site you may need to look into another method but for most sites this should be sufficient. The other thing is at this point I am not using the pagination feature of the API so I will only be showing the last 60 images uploaded with out tag. I will be writing the pagination code soon and will add it in another post.