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Great White Egrets Everywhere

You never know what your going to see driving around the marshes of Cape Cod. Today I got to see and shoot something very cool a flock of Great White Egrets feeding in a tidal pool not more than 20 yards from me. Generally these birds are very¬†skittish and in this same tidal pool will fly away once they see me shooting but for some reason today, maybe they felt safer with so many of them, they didn’t seem to even notice I was there.

Great Egret


While driving from one assignment to another this afternoon I spotted this Great White Egret fishing off of Patuisset Island in Bourne MA. These birds are generally very skittish so often times when they are close enough to get good photos of they fly way as soon as you start shooting. Today however the shutter didn’t seem to be an issue as this bird just continued fishing for the 15 minutes I was able to shoot.