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  • Fall Aster Macros

    Today while weed wacking I noticed an abundance of bees working on a fall aster in the garden. So I hurried to finish the work and grabbed my 7d and 100mm macro lens to capture some of the action. Among the bees were these very cool sparkling green headed bees.

  • Great White Egrets Everywhere

    You never know what your going to see driving around the marshes of Cape Cod. Today I got to see and shoot something very cool a flock of Great White Egrets feeding in a tidal pool not more than 20 yards from me. Generally these birds are very skittish and in this same tidal pool will […]

  • “The Point”

    Tonight’s sunset from Patuisset. The name of the photo is from the name printed on the life ring which stands sentinel over the beach at all times.

  • Nantucket Flowers

    While on Nantucket Labor Day weekend we took a quick trip out to Sconset because I really wanted a photo of the iconic cottages (which I did get) but I was really surprised with all of the amazing flowers. Later in the day we stopped by Bartlett Farm which is where the sunflower and field of […]

  • Nantucket Sunrise

    Well those of you who know me know that sunrise is something I very rarely see. Last weekend while visiting a friend on Nantucket was one of these rare occurrences. She was going to be up anyway due to work so we had her wake us up just before sunrise so we could all go […]

  • Smooth Sound

    Here is another image taken using the 10 stop ND filter. This was taken around 5 in the afternoon from Nobska Beach in Falmouth.

  • Long Exposure Seascapes With the 10 stop ND Filter

    Finally got a chance to take a few shots with the B+W 10 stop ND filter, and it’s everything I hoped it would be. All of these shots were taken with the Canon 7d and 17-40mm f4 L lens. The above shot was taken in broad daylight where I was able to get a 30 […]

  • A couple nights of long exposures

    It’s been awhile since I shot any long exposure night stuff. I don’t know why I don’t do this more often because I always love to look at them and see how the world looks when you suck every bit of light you can out of it. These were all taken  after sunset with exposures […]

  • Jumping Spider

    It’s been a while since I broke out the macro lens so I took the opportunity to capture this jumping spider last weekend. All of these shots are with the Canon 1D MKIII and the Canon 100 2.8 macro lens. More photos after the jump.

  • Photoshop Tilt-Shift

    I’ve always loved the tilt-shift photos by Vincent LaForet  (if you haven’t seen his work it is definitly worth it the aerials and the tilt-shift stuff are my favorites). Unfortunately I have never been able to justify spending the money on such a specialty lens. Luckily you can fake this effect fairly well with a bit […]