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Petrified Forest From the Archives

Petrified Forest 2005

Petrified Forest 2005

Continuing my trip through the archives re-processing photos now that I know how to actually use photoshop. I took this one while on a cross country trip with Dea way back in 2005 it’s hard to believe that was 8 years ago. Here we were driving through the Painted Desert National Park and there was a crazy weather front moving through the area which gave us some great light I have a few more I might re-process from this part of the trip.

A few sunset photos from a night at Hen’s Cove


Hen’s Cove. Purchase Photo

The other night we had one of those rare nights where the water looks like a mirror. I took the opportunity to shoot a few frames at Hen’s Cove in Bourne MA. I am also continuing my trials with HDR (high dynamic range) photography. The second two shots here are each made from 3 individual photos bracketed about a stop apart and merged in Photoshop CC. Let me know what you think.

Great Egret


While driving from one assignment to another this afternoon I spotted this Great White Egret fishing off of Patuisset Island in Bourne MA. These birds are generally very skittish so often times when they are close enough to get good photos of they fly way as soon as you start shooting. Today however the shutter didn’t seem to be an issue as this bird just continued fishing for the 15 minutes I was able to shoot.

Hen’s Cove Great Blue Heron


Stumbled across this Great Blue Heron on in Hen’s Cove this morning. He hung around just long enough for me to get the 300 and the 2x converter out of the trunk and put together, I guess it pays to carry all of your equipment in your trunk. More images after the jump…

Jumping Spider


It’s been a while since I broke out the macro lens so I took the opportunity to capture this jumping spider last weekend. All of these shots are with the Canon 1D MKIII and the Canon 100 2.8 macro lens. More photos after the jump.

The photo

Surf Drive

Working as a photographer for a newspaper, especially a weekly local news paper you often spend most of your time shooting grip and grins. You know the posed group photos of the womans club or the scholarship recipients. It is obvious that these photos are important for a local paper to give recognition to the people in the community but they do nothing for a photographers need to be creative.

IPhone 4 Camera Samples

All I can say about the IPhone 4 camera is wow. Kudos to Apple for not trying to keep up with the megapixel race and instead focusing on image quality.

Firstly mega pixels do not equal quality in fact more often than not the more megapixels you have the worse the images are going to look. This is especially true on these tiny camera phone sensors. The IPhone 4 camera is 5 megapixels which I think is perfect, this will easily make 8×10 prints which is as big as most people will ever go.

The first samples are of a flower  taken in bright sun and really show the detail and smoothness of the IPhone 4 images.

The full frame images are cropped to 940 pixels the cropped photos are 100% crops from the full frame.

Flower Full Frame

2009 Falmouth Fireworks

Yesterday was the Fourth of July so we went to Falmouth Heights for the fireworks display. I needed to get a photo for the Tuesday Enterprise so I figured it would be a nice night out and a chance to get some cool shots. After looking at the photos I thought of putting up this post about how I made them.

Luckily last night when they kicked off the show it was still a little light out so the sky was a bit blue so for this shot I set the camera to bulb aperture f9 and ISO 200. I took a test shot of the scene to see what I thought I would need for the exposure time and about 8 seconds looked right. Now with the exposure time I play it by ear the whole show depending on what types of fireworks are going off.