2009 Falmouth Fireworks

Yesterday was the Fourth of July so we went to Falmouth Heights for the fireworks display. I needed to get a photo for the Tuesday Enterprise so I figured it would be a nice night out and a chance to get some cool shots. After looking at the photos I thought of putting up this post about how I made them.

Luckily last night when they kicked off the show it was still a little light out so the sky was a bit blue so for this shot I set the camera to bulb aperture f9 and ISO 200. I took a test shot of the scene to see what I thought I would need for the exposure time and about 8 seconds looked right. Now with the exposure time I play it by ear the whole show depending on what types of fireworks are going off.

So that is my favorite shot of the night now I will show you some others with the info for the shot under each one for reference.

Falmouth Ma. Fireworks. 1DMKII 16-35 f2.8L, ISO 160 f9 10 sec.
Falmouth Ma. Fireworks. 1DMKII 16-35 f2.8L. ISO 200 f8 6 sec.
Falmouth Ma. Fireworks. 1DMKII 16-35 f2.8L, ISO 100, f11, 7 sec.
Falmouth Ma. Fireworks. 1DMKII 16-35 ISO 100 f8 10 sec.

So those are some of my favorites from Last night. and I hope that it gives an idea of the settings needed to shoot them. Other must haves for good fireworks shots are a sturdy tripod and a cable release for the shutter.

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