So how good is the IPhone 4 video?

Pretty damn good. If you are on the fence about the IPhone 4 let me add this to the reasons to get one.  I have a bunch of really great camera equipment but it is not always practical to carry all of this stuff, so for a long time I have thought about picking up a point and shoot to bring out with friends at the same time I thought about maybe one of those flip camera to capture video of what is going on. Never thinking of doing anything professional just capturing some memories. Then I get this phone and realize that this is the point and shoot I have been looking for only to find out it is also the video camera I have been longing for. Below are a couple of samples, I think you will see what I am talking about.

iPhone 4 film – “Apple of My Eye” from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo.

I first saw this on Vincent LaForet’s blog . Check out the link to see his first impressions of the videos and another sample of what this thing can do.  If you have never been to his blog it is worth not only checking out but following.

This short film was made entirely on the IPhone 4.  Granted they had some nice trolly’s and such to pan and move the camera around but still this thing is a phone not a video camera.

Here is a video I made obviously not as good as the one above but I made it in literally 10 minutes, shot edited and exported. It was also the first time I used the imovie app on the iphone.

If nothing else this shows how easy and capable this phone is of making great videos.

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