Mini Patuisset – Fake Tilt Shift Video

Having spent the last couple of weeks getting used to flying and taking all kinds of photos and videos I finally took the next step and downloaded Final Cut Pro X to try out. I have never worked with video before so it has been interesting trying to figure out the types of shots I need to take in order to have a good looking final product, but that is a whole different post.

The video above is one of the first I exported from Final Cut. More or less just playing around trying to get acquainted with the interface and options I stumbled on the ability to create the fake tilt shift technique I have used in still photography for years, you can see a post featuring some of these images here.  If you have a look at Vincent LaForet’s work you will see that some of his shots have this same look only he uses an actual tilt-shift lens where my video and shots use software to fake the same effect.


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