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The changing face of media in the Internet age.

Newspaper Conference a bit disappointing

This past weekend was the annual NENPA newspaper conference here in New England. I went in with high hopes. Having been following the national discussion on the future of newspapers and journalism very closely for the past couple of years. The chance to go listen to the experts talk about these challenges and find out what there thoughts are really had me excited. Unfortunately it felt like they were just reading old news from my RSS feed. Nothing new was brought to the table and the facts and opinions they did bring up were either flat out wrong or so outdated that they are no longer correct.

Print vs the Internet

This is a new category for the blog I plan on using it to share my thoughts and vision  about the ongoing battle between New and Old media.  It is a very interesting time in news as the web gains market share and Newspapers try to hold on to what they once had. For me this is more than interesting it is my life. Working for a small family owned newspaper as a photo editor/web developer I am stuck right in the middle of this transition. I love the web and get most of my daily news from. As much as this transition to the web is disrupting traditional media it is a very exciting time and the best part is that it has not been figured out yet.