Category: Media

  • The Boston Globe’s Wall Finally Comes Down

    According to this article posted by Neiman Journalism Lab the Boston Globe will be going to a metered paywall (like most of the newspaper world) moving away from the very hard paywall they have had in place since the launch of the site.

  • TV and the Internet

    Why are cable companies ruining the internet? OK so maybe they are not ruining the internet but they are definitely ruining what I want the internet to be.

  • The Daily…really?

    The Daily Rupert Murdoch’s newest media venture is on the street and although I don’t see anyway that it will survive it does seem they have done a really nice job building it.

  • Newspaper Conference a bit disappointing

    This past weekend was the annual NENPA newspaper conference here in New England. I went in with high hopes. Having been following the national discussion on the future of newspapers and journalism very closely for the past couple of years. The chance to go listen to the experts talk about these challenges and find out […]

  • Print vs the Internet

    This is a new category for the blog I plan on using it to share my thoughts and vision  about the ongoing battle between New and Old media.  It is a very interesting time in news as the web gains market share and Newspapers try to hold on to what they once had. For me […]