The Daily…really?

The Daily Rupert Murdoch’s newest media venture is on the street and although I don’t see anyway that it will survive it does seem they have done a really nice job building it.

After reading Jeff Jarvis’ blog post Daily Economics I am even more skeptical as to how old Rupert thinks this will be a financial success. One thing that is interesting though is that you can share the stories from the IPad app with online services and through email. So for years all we have heard from him is how Google is stealing all of his content, when in fact all of those links from Google were actually driving readers directly to his sites, potentially making him money. Now with The Daily everything can be shared out but there is no way to go back into the app. This seems totally crazy to me. Already there is this blog check it out if you would like to read the entire Daily without the hassle of actually getting the app. Nice work Rupert now you are totally giving away the whole thing with no chance of additional revenue. The way I see it even after that last blog gets taken down anything worth reading from the daily will spread on Facebook so I will get to see it anyway, for that reason I will not be buying The Daily. This is how I, as well as most of the people I know get their news today either from very niche blogs and sites that cater to our tastes, our friends who help curate the vast amount of information out there, or Google where we get exactly what we are looking for.

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