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  • The Glass Swan

    Twenty some years ago I was lucky enough to serve a glass blowing apprenticeship at Pairpoint Crystal in Sagamore MA. The gaffers at the time were Robbie Mason and David McDermott. Combined they had over 60 years of glass working experience. Robbie served his apprenticeship in Scotland where he learned skills passed down for generations […]

  • Rainy Girls Lacrosse

    Got to shoot some Greater New Bedford Voc. vs Bourne Girls lacrosse in the rain a couple of weeks ago. Shooting in the rain can be tricky but it gets even tougher when the wind is gusting

  • First Snow of the Year

    Took the drone out the morning after our first real snowfall here on the Cape. Had some clouds which provided a nice atmosphere and a decent sunset.

  • Amazon Lightsail

    I have been working on moving all of my web projects from Rackspace to Amazon for the last couple of months and yesterday I came across a newish Amazon service Lightsail.

  • Mini Patuisset – Fake Tilt Shift Video

    Having spent the last couple of weeks getting used to flying and taking all kinds of photos and videos I finally took the next step and downloaded Final Cut Pro X to try out. I have never worked with video before so it has been interesting trying to figure out the types of shots I […]

  • First Day With The DJI Phantom 4

    After going back and forth a million times finally decided to pull the trigger and pick up a drone. I don’t do a lot of video work so I bought it primarily for still photography. Reviews were mixed on the quality of still shots from this drone but after the first day I am really […]

  • Sailing on “Seraffyn”

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of going for a sail on “Seraffyn” a 24 1/2’ Lyle Hess-designed sloop patterned after an English channel cutter. She was built by Lin and Larry Pardey in the late 1960s and is currently owned by George Dow. Seraffyn moved well in the light winds of Situate Harbor as we made […]

  • High School Track

    Earlier in the spring season I was able to shoot a little Sandwich vs. Falmouth High School Track for a local newspaper. Track is an interesting sport to shoot unlike most sports you actually have time to think about the shot and line it all up. Here are a few from that meet. More photos […]

  • Snowy Scenics

    Grabbed these two photos while on the way home from shooting the 2015 Cape Cod High School Boys Basketball All-Star game. The snow was just right to stick to everything. The trees shot was converted to black and white in photoshop while the windmill shot just looks kind of black and white but is actually […]

  • Sunrise at Nauset Light

    Took a trip down Cape looking to get photos of the crazy ice situation they are having with some good morning light. Unfortunately it was high tide and we didn’t realize that the “ice bergs” were only really visible when the tide was low. So lesson learned. Well not having the ice to shoot we […]

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